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david risleyI hired Dawn after my prior VA “retired”. You won’t find that she’s the cheapest VA .. not by a long shot but she gets the job done and she’s cheerful (there’s a lot to say about working with someone who doesn’t take everything to heart). There’s the overseas VA’s who are cheap and you have to man-handle them, then there’s the professionals like Dawn.
David Risley, Blog Marketing Academy

hibiscus MoonDawn came highly recommended + she was already familiar with my business. When I looked at her website and offerings, I was confident that she was up to the challenge. I love working with her! I feel completely at ease knowing that she is supporting me, my students + my biz. She fits in just perfectly, is totally professional + even comes up with great ideas to improve efficiency or flow that I didn’t even know about.  She is essentially my right hand + my left brain! I am so grateful to have her on our team.
Hibiscus Moon, Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy

Kacy PaideThe little things I needed to do to grow my business were adding up. I knew these projects weren’t rocket science, but at the end of the day, they weren’t getting done! I’ve stopped ignoring all the little tasks and instead just forward them to Dawn. It leaves me so much more time to create. She’s incredibly reliable and incredibly fast – she completes things in a faction of the time it would take me. I trust her completely to communicate with my clients. If you’re on the fence about this, give her one or two tasks. You’ll quickly see that you cannot do it all yourself, nor should you.
Kacy Paide, The Inspired Office

heather allard“WHOA – your writing is A W E S O M E. I love the confident tone and actionable advice. You seriously made my damn weekend.”
Heather Allard, The Mogul Mom

melissa“I needed savvy business support, and knowing you had worked with Danielle LaPorte in the past, I figured you had what it took.  Dawn is reliable, has a high level of integrity and is incredibly personable.  It was a fabulous investment!”
Melissa D’Antoni, Fire Tree Studios


Janice SkinnerI hired MMVA to do a flyer because I heard that she had a team of folks who could get things done at a fair price. It makes sense for women to stick together and help each other out whenever we can. Hiring MMVA was well worth it – they were totally in the game.
Janice Skinner,


Crunchy Betty“You really gave me so much new (and renewed) excitement and motivation. You were outrageously prepared and excited for our call, and that enthusiasm was catching. Like a fiery case of the energy flu. Not only that, you gave me new ideas that weren’t only stellar in their own right, but that left room for me to grow them in new ways on my own.”
-Leslie, Crunchy Betty

Grace Quantock“Thank you once again for the consult, I am still so super jazzed from it. Linus said “this is how you make your dreams come true baby girl, now go fly!”. We did wheelchair happy dancing with the dog, so excited and talking over everything and plans. So happy I called you: thank you and you are so kind and clever and lovely to talk to. It is all so exciting and accessible now.”

“I swear, Dawn can find gold and good ideas in anything. You think it isn’t going to work and don’t know where to begin – speak to her and suddenly things become clear and you have a right hand to get you through and guide you, turning the ideas into being.”
-Grace Quantock,

Roslynn Tellvik“I *love* that you raise the bar for all of us with your sweet (and by sweet I mean surfer sweet, as in sweet dude), engaging, and useful online presence.”
-Roslynn Tellvik,

pamela smith“I like to think of myself as ‘hip’ and ‘up to date’….however; until I met Dawn (through another business transaction) I had never heard of a Virtual Assistant. My first interaction with Dawn was as a consumer of a product launch she was facilitating for one of her clients. She was engaging, on top of her game and focused on making sure I was a satisfied customer. I enjoyed this interaction so much; I decided to use her professional services to fill a gap within the corporation I work for. She didn’t disappoint and went above and beyond my expectation. I had the pleasure of working with one of her team members, who was equally as competent as Dawn. The whole experience, from beginning to end, was a great one. The concept of Virtual Assistants is interesting – but the tangible results speak for themselves. Dawn and Monday Morning VA are top notch professionals.
-Pamela Smith, Pamela Smith – Director, Operations – GW Health Group Inc.


alexandra franzen“Confession: until (very) recently, I know absolutely zilch about affiliate marketing. So when a brand-new client asked me to ramp up her affiliate program, I turned to Dawn Martinello of Monday Morning VA. Within an hour, she had meticulously (and patiently) walked me through the entire process. I’d recommend Dawn’s training services to anyone who enjoys feeling like a pro, instead of a dolt.”
-Alexandra Franzen,

alan bondy“Dawn’s professionalism is outstanding. Not only did she complete the tasks amazingly quick but she also provided some helpful suggestions that really turned my marketing strategy around. I can’t thank her enough for all of her help.”
-Alan Bondy


Debra Disman“Lovely, inspiring, informative, KIND!”
-Debra Disman, the artisian at Artifactory Studio after listening to a podcast featured on Abby Kerr Ink

Kim McMullen“Fantastic. Read it. Learn it. Do it.”
Kim McMullen, Flipside Creative {in response to my article death by twitter: 10 strategies you want to follow and 1 you don’t}


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“(when I signed up for this workshop) I thought I’d get general information with a lot of charts. I realized that by creating a ‘fictional’ character in my head, I would hear what they have to say to me. Who knew target marketing could be so fun!”
Kathleen Yetman, Target Market Workshop Participant

“I loved the workshop. It really opened my eyes.”
Carol Gomez, Target Market Workshop Participant

“The presentation was very helpful in determining my target market. This is an area in which I was having difficulty and I got a lot of really great ideas from you”.
-Target Market Workshop Participant

“This workshop gave great ideas and really shifted my thinking. Using these tips, I’ll be better able to market my business to my clients. Thank you very much!”
Derek Friesen, Target Market Workshop Participant