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Reiki (pronounced Ray-Key) is an extremely powerful form of energy healing that taps into the Universal Life Force Energy. This energy helps to promote the healing of any living thing on all levels: emotional, spiritual, physical, and mental. It is shown to be beneficial in healing physical ailments like colds, emotional problems, and help to ease stress. It can be used on yourself, someone on the other side of the world, your food, your plants, and even your business.

I also combine essential oils and crystals into my sessions as well, both of which produce amazing results.  My go to brand is Young Living Essential Oils – it’s come highly recommended from a few trusted sources and I’m just generally impressed by the company.


On January 6, 2010 Dr. Oz gave his recommendations on alternative medical treatments and he named Reiki as #1. His wife is a Reiki master and he said that they’ve been using Reiki in the Oz family for many years. He even incorporated Reiki into his open-heart surgeries through the assistance of Reiki Master Pamela Miles. Here’s a quick 2 minute video that focuses on the segment of the show that features Reiki:

Business Reiki Session

Your business is a living, breathing thing. Okay, maybe not in the way YOU’RE living and breathing – but it is alive nonetheless and that means that it can be affected by Reiki.

The Business Itself

If you find yourself struggling to push your business out of the rut it’s in, Reiki may be able to help you. Reiki works by balancing the unbalanced, so by applying it to your business, it will help to bring harmony and balance to whatever is causing the problem.

“I did at times feel very “light” like some of the stresses I have been going through were very temporarily lifted … and I also felt spurts of energy where I wanted to jump up and get some things done”
-Bonnie Emerson

The Business Owner and Employees

Are you stressed out? Feel that tension? Those imbalances can cause problems within your business too. Reiki can help to not only balance those emotions but can also help to unleash your hidden talents, increase productivity and raise morale. Because Reiki works on all levels, you’ll likely find that your health and immune system get a boost too.

Each session includes:

:: an initial consultation just prior to the session.
:: a 60 minute distance Reiki session for all aspects of your business. This includes you, your business, vendors, and employees

If your business sessions is done via distance, we will meet by phone or Skype for approximately 15 minutes. You will need to send me a link to your website or photographs of your business, yourself and/or employees. I’ll also need at least one or two specific things you would like to manifest in your business. I’ll follow up with a written report including my thoughts and tips on how to manifest a prosperous and abundant business.

If your session is done in person, your initial consultation will be done in person. Please bring something that represents your business and one or two specific things you would like to manifest in your business. You will also leave with my tips on how to manifest a prosperous and abundant business.

Your investment in your business and self is $125.00


“I have to say, I am a crappy sleeper. I have been for the past 4 years. Last night I slept an entire 5 hours (rare for me) – so I have to thank you for that !”
-Bonnie Emerson


Reiki for meetings + spaces


You can also use Reiki for meetings. Think presentations you’re giving, a difficult client you’ll be working with, or asking your boss for that raise. The purpose of using Reiki in these types of situations is to create harmony and balance between you and the other party. When I do sessions for my seminars, I do so with the intention of keeping myself on track; being articulate, informative, and interesting; and to provide as powerful a speaker as the attendees require.

Most space and meeting sessions are done via distance sessions though there may be some situations where an in-person session can be arranged. For a meeting, you’ll need to supply a picture of yourself (and the other party if you’re able) as well as the time and date of the meeting. For a space clearing, please send a picture or pictures of the room or space. If you’re able to supply the layout of the room, that’s even better.

Your investment for a happier more clear space is $30.00


Individual Reiki


I get it.  Entrepreneurs kick ass all day, every day and that is one hard hitting reality.  Not taking care of yourself is absolutely no good.  Sessions are generally done via distance (great for you since you can pick a date and time that works for you) and are just as powerful as my in-person sessions (but hey, if you’re in Windsor you’re more than welcome to stop by my home studio for a session too).  Here’s the hard part – you need to carve out some time in your day where you can sit back and relax … or at the very least, please don’t be operating heavy machinery or giving a pitch to O Magazine.

Most clients fall asleep during the session and you’re definitely going to want to have some water nearby because these can wipe you out if we clear a lot of “gunk”.  Every distance session comes with a written wrap up too.

Still not sure?  Give the “Try Me” mini session a go.  The cost is $20.00 for a 20 minute session.

Ready to jump in with both feet?

Snag a full 60 minute session for $80.00 or a 30 minute session for $45.00


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Disclaimer: Reiki is a natural method of balancing energy. While it can be used on it’s own and as a complimentary therapy, it is not meant as a substitute for regular medical care. I am not a licensed medical doctor, so I cannot diagnose medical conditions, perform medical treatments, prescribe medication or other substances, or interfere with the treatment of a medical professional.