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do YOU follow? a {new?} blogging movement

by Dawn Martinello

Dofollow gives your readers some link love

Despite my recent upgrades to the site, I’m working on a new layout for the site that I think is going to blow you away.
But that’s not really what this post is about. It’s about the dofollow ‘movement’ that is sweeping across some of your favourite blogs.

quick SEO lesson

If a blog has a nofollow tag, then Google comes along, follows the link to your site but doesn’t give you credit for that link. (yes! backlinks are important.)
If a blog has a dofollow tag, then Google comes along, follows the link to your site and DOES give you credit for that link. (yes! that’s good.)
Are you lost? Read the DIY Common Sense SEO and this post about taking the fear out of SEO.

so why are so many blogs still nofollow?

It could be that they just don’t know better. WordPress defaults to the nofollow tag. To get it changed, you either need to install (yet another) plugin, or edit the WordPress core code (which literally scares the bejesus out of some people).

Some people are still under the assumption that nofollow will help prevent spam. Pfft. I get tons of spam every month. NoFollow=NoWork.

A very few may just not want to love up their commenters.

whatcha gonna do?

I’m going to be giving away some link love, baby! As of today – right now – this is an official dofollow blog. That’s good for you – but you gotta start commenting. If you don’t I may just resort to turning off comments. (okay, not really because {to me, anyway} there just isn’t a good enough reason to turn them off. Even if you’re one of the big guys. who loves you?

leave a comment, will ya?

Are you in the dofollow or nofollow camp? why?
Would you comment more on a blog if you knew they were dofollow?

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